The social address book.

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  • Create an account and unique Atmospheir ID.
  • Give your ID to others that you want to find you on the network.
  • Populate personal and professional profiles with specified contact information and social networks.
  • Choose which profile(s) you share each time you receive or make a connection request.

Our amazing features

A single, unique ID
Exchange complete sets of contact information and social networks with a single ID.
Choose which profile(s) to share with each potential connection.
Optimally designed for mobile access and use of information in an elegant and familiar interface.
Change information in an Atmospheir profile to update that information for everyone you’re sharing that profile with.
Only be found by other users that know your ID, or have been introduced to you by a mutual contact.
Flip on Atmospheir Nearby to allow others to find and request a connection with you, if they also have Atmospheir Nearby turned on and are within 50 meters.
Grow your introduction count by connecting friends and colleagues, and seek new connections by requesting introductions through your own.
Tag your connections into groups and utilize the search bar to quickly sort them.
Discover and explore your connections’ presences on social networks they have included in the profile(s) they’re sharing with you