The social address book.

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Atmospheir is here for you. We want those that matter in your life to always have the information they need to reach you, and we want you to always have the information you need to reach them; so we created a completely mobile platform to make that possible.

The world is full of wonderful ways to communicate, and the number of options available to us grows with each passing day. As phone numbers, emails, messengers and social networks continue to offer better and different services, we need a way to move freely to new services without compromising others’ ability to quickly find and reach us. An Atmospheir ID is the key to that freedom.

Atmospheir is a social platform that is inherently private. You need to know the ID of another user to send them a connection request, and upon making or receiving a request, you always have the choice of connecting with one or both of the profiles that sit behind your ID. A personal connection can receive an entirely different set of information than a professional connection, yet both exchanges can happen in seconds and in the same network. Atmospheir strives to maintain many of the boundaries that exist in everyday life, while providing the convenience we’ve come to expect from the Internet.

We believe that innovative design will continue to revolutionize everything we touch, and quick access and use of accurate information is just as important as how efficiently we share it. For that reason, we’ve designed Atmospheir in a manner that we hope you find beautiful and revolutionary, yet familiar.