• Your Unique id

    Find anyone in Atmospheir using their name or unique Atmospheir ID. Search for your contact, send a connection request - and if the other person accepts, all the information they want to share with you is instantly available in their Atmospheir card.

  • nearby

    Discover contacts within range and send connection requests with a tap by flipping Atmospheir's nearby switch to the "on" position. Atmospheir nearby utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy and works with, or without, cellular service. Simply flip the switch to "off" to remain invisible to others.


  • tagging

    Quickly sort your contacts by the way you remember them. With tags you can group and re-access any contact, or group of contacts you're looking for with keywords that you've assigned to them.

  • favorites

    Tap to add the "favorite" star to any connection for quick and easy access to those you care about the most. Put all your favorite people in one place.

  • Custom Lists

    Atmospheir's customizeable list interface puts you in control and lets you seamlessly jump between your contact lists (phone contacts, business connections, etc.) at any time.


  • unified info

    Your Atmospheir card brings all the critical information you want your contacts to have into one place. Adding  multiple phone numbers, emails, addresses, social networks, websites, work/education ensures that the most important people in  your life always have what they need to reach you and vice versa.

  • chat

    Finally, you don't need to leave your address book to message a contact. Communicate seamlessly, and faster than ever, with free text, voice, video, photo, location, and GIF messaging right inside the app.